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Patriot Plaza at Sarasota National Cemetery

Hoyt Architects

Funded by The Patterson Foundation as a philanthropic partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Patriot Plaza is the assembly space for Sarasota National Cemetery where the veterans community gathers to celebrate and honor the legacy of the United States armed forces.


Ann Hirsch


Cast bronze, stainless steel.   Two six-foot walls flank the east entrance. Hirsch created an open-ended narrative of home, family and the young who leave home for unknown futures for one wall. The story continues on the opposite wall with an abstraction of a nest and a plaque with the excerpt from Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address which became the mission statement of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Photos by Steven Brooke


Larry Kirkland


White Georgia marble, laminated glass, polychrome paint.

Sixteen 8' 6" tall marble "tablets" are installed in pairs along a curved path inside the Plaza. Each is framed in the ground plane by two 12'  Colorado red granite pavers with a graphic design composed of words that describe the military experience. Text is quotations from those who have served and military families.   Photographs are etched on laminated glass inserted into the stone and etched drawings by the artist are also based on photographs. A bench designed by the artist accompanies each pair. Witness to Mission is an installation of photodocumentary photography mounted on 6' marble "plinths".  It is seen outside the Plaza along the perimeter, and parallel to Testimonies.

Photos by Steven Brooke

Witness to Mission

Curated by Kenny Irby with Larry Kirkland, Ann Wykell, Sandy Beckley   Installation design by Larry Kirkland


White Georgia marble, 6' x 40", photographs printed in porcelain enamel on stainless steel. Forty-nine photographs mounted on 22 plinths document the military experience from the Civil War to the 21st Century, but not chronologically.  Narratives are  constructed and implied through the arrangement of images that face each other.

Guardian Eagles  Cast bronze

Pablo Eduardo


A pair of monumental, seven foot tall eagles  stand guard at the west entrance as sentries to visitors to Patriot Plaza.

Night to Day, Here and Away, detail from 50' x 3' mural

Ellen Driscoll


Glass smalti mosaic

A mosaic mural beneath the rostrum displays a poetic landscape of the planet. Land, sea and air - all environments where the  military operates, appear and from left to right the sky changes from night to day and back to night.  Families may be waking up in one place while their loved ones may be looking at a night sky on the other side of the world. A horizon line is composed of service award ribbons.  Laurel leaves, ancient symbols of achievement and valor, incorporate the familiar blue and gold stars which signify family members who are serving (blue) and those who have died in service (gold).  The mural is also a metaphorical map of the inner lives of military families. Its legend marks distances as "Home" and "Far From Home".

Mosaics hand fabricated by Mosaika Art and Design Photos by Steven Brooke


One of two 24' mosaic-clad spires surrounded by 12' x 12' mosaic "carpets". that add an intimate, domestic scale to the viewing experience. The imagery on the spires and ground plane are drawn from the rostrum mural and are reinterpreted on these elements.

Photo Steven Brooke (right),Sean Harris, DesignSpur LLC (left)




SchenkelShultz, architects

Downtown Bradenton Bus Transfer Station.  Waterjet cut porcelain tile.  Original seating fiber-reinforced light weight concrete by Red Linen Design.  Commission of the Manatee County Area Transportation (MCAT). Photo: Ben Tanner

Stacking Tower

Thomas Sayre


Earthcast concrete.  A conceptual metaphor about firefighters who are crucially reliant on each other, the tower also references the traditional, now obsolete, hose tower formerly common to all fire stations. Commission by the City of St. Petersburg.

Foundations for Development
Ayokunle Odeleye.


Stainless steel.  Wildwood Recreation Center, an historically important site for community and family events for the African American community of St. Petersburg. Commission by the City of St. Petersburg.

St. Pete Skies

Andrew Reid


Acrylic on canvas, hand-etched mahagony. Four sided mural interprets the view of the neighborhood  in four directions from the library.  Commission by the City of St. Petersburg

Anytown Players

Candace Knapp


Carved wood, acrylic.  Series of playful sculptures are located in the Children's Department of the Main Library.  Commission by the City of St. Petersburg.

Kinetic Sculpture

Tim Prentice


Aluminum, stainless steel.  Articulated panels on steel wire system reacts to air movement of air conditioning, doors opening etc. Site is a shared lobby for Sunken Gardens botanic gardens and Great Explorations children's science museum. Commission by the City of St. Petersburg.