We offer:


Artists research

Facilitation of selection committees
Coordination with designers and construction teams 


We have completed projects for:


Downtowns and commercial corridors

Bus station

City facilitites including libraries, recreation centers, fire station

Childrens hospital

University and community college 

1.5 mile riverfront park 

National cemetery assembly plaza



We can :

Start a new program including policies, operating guidelines plus advocacy planning to get your program off the ground.


 Develop a Public Art Master Plan for the community that want to envision multiple projects over a long term.


Grow an existing program to the next level with evaluation, program updates and a public information process to engage public officials and the community. 


Work with a design-construction team for public and private development to ensure public art will align with schedules and budgets.


Identify appropriate artists for projects through local, national or international research and searches. We have reviewed hundreds of artists over sixteen years of commissioning public art.


Manage a project. For  private projects or communities without professional public art staff, we administer the entire commission process with community committees or developers; artist selection, contracts, permitting, fabrication, installation and documentation. Manage projects for on-time and on-budget installations that meet engineering and permitting requirements.

Experience with complex projects, multiple artists within a site,  art  budgets from $25,000 to $2 miillion.