Project Experience (Partial List)


Member of Design Team for 1.5m linear riverfront park renovation that includes six  public art installations with 23 pieces of art, performance and event spaces .Helped to develop a mission and goals statement based on culture, wellness, and a community gathering place.  Planned stakeholder participation in planning cultural issues. As art representative on the team, provided team with early and immediate access to information to ensure that the design requirements for public art and spaces for cultural events and performances were met.  Facilitated the Public Art Selection panel to commission art aligned with the program for the park.  Researched and wrote policies and operating guidelines to manage the public use of park spaces for festivals, performances, sports and private celebrations.

Circus Sarasota
Circus Sarasota  needed to prepare to embrace a major (and expensive) opportunity that would propel them to the next level of realizing their mission and vision.  Ann Wykell analyzed the operations, finances, marketing, board roles and development program. The report to the Board contained specific recommendations to increase earned revenue, develop staff capacity, redefine the executive’s responsiblities and set board goals.  In addition, she drafted a Case Statement for the Development Department. Recommendations could be addressed with existing resources.  Most of the recommendations have been implemented.

First Night St Petersburg
First Night St Petersburg is a beloved New Years Eve festival tradition but it was in weak financial condition and on the verge of shutting down. Working with the Executive Director and board,  Ann Wykell planned a crisis-management intervention.  She conducted an abbreviated  SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis with the board to help them understand the organization's position; worked with the ED to recast the budget to produce a quality event more efficiently;  and clarified  the First Night identity message for communications to sponsors and the community.  She helped the ED prepare the case for support which resulted in obtaining a three-year lead sponsor and  bridge funding from the City of St. Petersburg.

St Petersburg Destination Marketing
  Created the Cultural Destination Marketing Program for the City of St. Petersburg through collaborations and partnerships.  The program included a $400,000  Cultural Tourism public-private partnership with funding from the Pinellas CVB (now VisitStPeteClearwater), six downtown museums and the City, over three years; a branding process (with Robinson Brandbuilders); a web-based program with VisitFl (state tourism agency), and a range of print, digital and radio advertising for local, regional and national outlets on the theme of "St. Petersburg On Exhibit and Onstage".





Arts Access Florida - VSA Florida
VSA Florida was asked by the Florida Department of Cultural Affairs to develop a pilot program to market Florida as a cultural destination to travelers with disabilities.  Ann Wykell assessed  VSA Florida's communications capacity, researched the disability travel industry and investigated the readiness of Florida cultural venues to receive these visitors. The result was a  website with information targeted to travelers with disabilities and their families, coupled with cooperative agreements to link with local CVB's for general destination information.  Arts venues were assessed for their accessibility and data was posted on the Arts Access Florida website. VSA Florida offered staff training to arts venues and hotels in the two pilot Florida destinations – Miami-Dade and St Petersburg-Tampa.  Robinson BrandBuilders (RBB) was added to the team to design an engaging, accessible website.  A companion upgrade of VSA Florida’s own  website enabled it to communicate more effectively with its state-wide service area.