Ann Wykell, Principal, works with cultural organization and local governments while nurturing innovative collaborations across all community sectors.






Assistance with:

• Planning

• Communications

• Evaluation

• Strategies for Growth
• Audience Development

• Arts and Economic

• Capital and Endowment

  Campaign Preparation

• Community Connections

• Public-Private Partnerships

  and Collaborations

• Government Relations

• Cultural Tourism

• Grants Programs




 I help staff and stakeholders engage in creative problem solving, set achievable goals and  develop strategies to meet the  challenges  of the nonprofit sector.


What's your organizational problem?

We did a strategic plan but nothing seems to have changed.


Our funders say we need a new strategic plan but we don't want to spend a year doing this.


We have opportunities for growth - but we are not sure if we are ready for the next step - or if these ideas are good for us.


Our organization was having success for a long time but it seems to be stuck now. Why?


We have loyal donors but can't seem to get new ones.


How do we know if we are making a difference


Our activities do not get attention in our community.


There are several museums/theaters, choral groups/etc. in our area. We want to work together but we are also in competition.


Since the implosion of newspapers we have a hard time reaching new audiences.


How do we operate in the new digital media world?