Public Art Management
Healthcare - All Childrens Hospital, St. Petersburg Florida

Cafeteria entrance
Neverne Covington. Acrylic direct to wall

All Chilldrens Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL

All Childrens Hospital Foundation

Elevator lobby photo murals

Vinyl-coated wall covering

Collection of images of wall art installed throughout the hospital.

Above:  Carleton Ward (elephants) and Mathew May (manatee)
Left: Carleton Ward, Selections from collection about authentic Florida cowboy culture.

Fish Bowl for All Childrens
Susan Gott. Cast and blown glass.  Installed in an outpatient waiting
room at eye level for toddlers.


Jean Blackburn. Digitally manipulated imagery based on photographs and paintings by the artist, printed on washable vinyl-coated wallcovering in the cafeteria.  Paintings are also displayed in framed gallery presentation.


Friendly Robot Animals
Corelette Damme

Color linoleum block prints

Jump Rope
Eluster Richardson, giclee from original watercolor

Lenn Neff. Chapel detail -door.  Leaded handblown, hand rolled, machine textured, etched and beveled glass, stained and blown glass. Photo by Frank Baptie


Ray King. Entrance lobby atrium hanging sculpture, dichroic glass.