Public Art Management
Development Projects

Bradenton Riverwalk Park

Bradenton Downtown Development Authority

Kimley Horne, Landscape Architects

Interactive Sound Sculptures

Bill Buchen

Stainless steel  (clockwise from top)

'Parabolic Discs'. A sound play station.  Discs bounce and distort sounds made by visitors as they walk through.  'Riverwalk Drumyard'. Sculptural drums are tuned and playable. 'Big Eyes Big Ears'. Users rotate the structure. Periscope-like head set includes telescopic lenses to see across the river  and earphones to hear environmental sounds collected by  parabolic disks at top. Photos: Jen Greenfield, Thomas Bender

Fun Zone Installation
Mark Fuller
Four sculptures, splash pad design and benches


Polychromed aluminum. Satellites Are Out Tonight  (top left), Pinned By A Grape (top right), No Flying Bananas (above left), Walk This Way (above right), Fun Zone benches (left)


Squiggle Stripe Soup (splashpad), Photo: Thomas Bender, Sarasota Herald Tribune



Postcards From A Friendly City

Jean Blackburn, Don Brandes

Artists interpret the history of the Manatee River and local community.

Porcelain enamel on steel


One Millions Sunsets Ago.

Don Brandes.

Indigenous Indians who lived along the Manatee River and the artifacts displayed in the nearby South Florida Museum that provide information today on how they lived.




Jean Blackburn

Pays tribute to commercial and recreational fishing that has always been an important element of life in Florida.


To Cuba

 Jean Blackburn

 Recalls the early cattle industry in the area. Live steer were shipped to Cuban markets in the early 1900's.